I was in Canada and purchased your excellent sanitary towels. I have a long standing skin condition, and in addition, gynaecological problems which prevent me from using tampons.

Your sanitary protection is excellent– I could wear them without the usual discomfort my skin suffers.



Asana Regular

Flow with Wings

Asana’s Regular Flow Napkin provides protection for women, enabling them to feel fresh regardless of the time of day. The Asana Regular Flow Sanitary Napkin provides protection against leaks, and its close fits enables women to feel drier, fresher and freer.


Asana Heavy

Flow with Wings

Asana’s Heavy Flow Sanitary Napkin is slightly longer than its regular version, providing more protection. The Heavy flow sanitary napkin comes in a larger size with more absorption capabilities, which maintains a dry, comfortable and secure feeling.


Asana Nighttime

with Wings

Asana’s Nighttime Sanitary Napkin comes in three sizes format. Nighttime regular 330mm, Nighttime Super 360mm and Nighttime Super+ 420mm. With these super absorbent ultra thin napkins you will dryer, fresher and freer.


Asana Liner Regular

(with cotton cover)

Asana’s Pantiliner with cotton cover offers soft protection for women in between periods, or at the beginning or end of their period. The Asana Pantiliner absorbs any natural discharge or minor flow and provides effective backup protection when using a tampon. Asana’s Liner can naturally prevent bacteria and yeast infections that causes odour leaving you feel dryer, fresher and freer.


Asana Biowave Layer

The Asana woman is a symbol of inner strength. She is ‘Gentle on the outside and strong on the inside’.

So is the Asana Sanitary Napkin, which is soft on the outside, making them comfortable to wear, while it’s equipped with the ‘Biowave Advantage Layer” which connotes ‘strength’ on the inside.

The true distinction of a woman lies in the strength that she exudes from within. At Asana, we created an advance feminine protection with this in mind, by providing sensitive and secure sanitary care for women on their road to fulfillment.

We would like to introduce the next generation of feminine protection: the Asana sanitary pad. With refined contours that embrace your skin and water-leading layer that keeps the surface dry, your skin will feel comfortable all day. The pad uses a unique blend of natural minerals and nano-technology to clean and purify your intimates, so you don’t have to feel unfresh during your monthly cycle. At Asana, we provide only the most sensitive and secure protection for the woman of today.


Every Asana product contains an exclusive nano-technology application that naturally reduces two of the most commonly occurring bacteria – and a common yeast — that cause odour: escherichia coliand staphylococcus aureus bacteria and candida yeast.


This super-absorbent layer absorbs more than twice the fluid of any napkin available today, and does it faster than any other napkin. Also locks fluid beneath first layer, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable.


6 layers of protection, but still super breathable and ultra thin at only 1 mm in total thickness. Feels like you are not wearing anything.



Asana’s ultra-thin profile — only 1 mm thick – lets you feel like you aren’t using a napkin at all. You feel free.


Asana’s Biowave layer naturally reduces two of the most commonly occurring bacteria – and a common yeast (Candida) — that cause odour. No perfumes needed for you to feel secure.



Other napkins shrink or bunch up with use, allowing leakage. Asana’s advanced materials enable our napkins to hold their shape – and maintain super absorbency. You feel comfortable.



The super-absorbent, water-leading layer also distributes fluid evenly throughout, reducing bulkiness and the risk of leaks. Only your confidence expands.



Asana’s high moisture vapor transmission rate lets moisture move between the breathable extension component and your skin to evaporate. You feel fresh.



Patented water-leading layer allows fluid to pass into the second layer, keeping the first layer dry. You feel dry.