Sherrin Western


Sherrin Western, founder of Shervin Communications has grown her company with her husband Kevin Western from a home-based

business in 1992 to one of the top 25 design firms in the province. The accelerated growth of Shervin Communications and Western’s focus on giving back to the community has lead Western to receive its most recent award as 2006 Small Business of the Year at the Burnaby Business Excellence Award.

“What really helped me as an entrepreneur was not having a clue about what was in front of me,” laughs Western. “I think if we knew we would have quit. It takes blind passion and dedication to push you through the hard-times. All too often people see opportunities, but the bottom line is that you need to love what you do. You have to love it or the 18 hours a day won’t feel good and having no vacations won’t feel good. For long term internal happiness you need to love what you do.”