Trish Ronan


Trish Ronan, Mississauga, Ontario
Co-owner, Enjo Canada

In 2001, pregnant with her third child, Trish Ronan and her husband, Doug, moved from Mississauga, Ont., to Australia, where he set up a chiropractic practice. It was there, when she complained about a stubborn stain on her wall that wouldn’t come off, that a friend suggested she try Enjo, a line of cleaning pads made of a fibre that attracts and holds dirt and bacteria without toxic chemicals. It worked, and she was converted. In 2003, her middle son, Jack, was diagnosed with profound hearing loss, prompting the decision to move back to Canada to access the renowned specialists at SickKids hospital in Toronto. But they had to make a living, so Trish and her brother-in-law partnered up and won the Canadian Enjo distribution contract. Trish stayed in Mississauga with the kids while Doug returned to Australia for two years to fund the set-up costs for the company. The sacrifices were worth it, she says. In 2012, Profit magazine ranked Enjo Canada the 50th-fastest-growing company in the country. And Jack, now 14, has two cochlear implants and is “a great, happy kid.”