International Women’s Day Activities – ADD Uganda


March 8th saw a huge amount of celebration and activity around the world, marking International Women’s Day (IWD).

Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate, under the theme, “Gender Agenda: Connecting Grassroots Women to Development.” While there were celebrations organised at various district levels, the main celebrations in Uganda were held at Nabinyonyi grounds in Nakasongola district.

Officiated by the President of the Republic of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the celebrations attracted thousands of people including the Prime Minister and members of National Women’s Organisations and Disabled People’s Organisations.

The main marching procession was led by representatives from the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), and members of Uganda’s police and prison forces.

Alice Muwanguzi, the mistress of ceremonies, noted that this was the only International Women’s Day of the year, and encouraged everyone to enjoy the celebrations. Shortly after, a number of women were awarded medals for their outstanding service to the nation.

“Women constitute 52% of the population and are an important group, without which the development of the country would stagnate,” said the vice-chair of the National Council for Women. She acknowledged that the Government had made some good progress in terms of the empowerment of women, but stressed that there was still much to do, and urged them to strengthen their policies around gender inequality.

Delivering his address, the Ugandan President emphasised that to the Government, man and woman are equal. He urged that even in physical work, women have the same potential as men and encouraged them to undertake income-generating activities like farming and fruit growing, such as the young woman he had just seen selling oranges at one of the exhibition stalls.

ADD also attended with thirteen people, including ten women with albinism, as part of their project to increase awareness of this stigmatised disability within the community.