Women’s volunteer contributions to civic engagement


Elsa del Carpio, national UN community Volunteer in Tarija, Bolivia,

reviews the municipal budget allocations and analyses the allocations for gender equality. (Carla Alcocer/UNV, 2010)

In recent decades, most Latin American countries have made increasing commitments to gender equality. However, the commitments alone have not been sufficient to fully address gender gaps and inequality, as they require appropriate budget resources to ensure effective implementation.

In response to this need, UN Women promoted Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) as a tool for linking women’s and gender-equality public policies with budget allocations, and for strengthening the capacity of governments to implement the relevant policies.

UNV joined UN Women’s work in the region with the project ‘Gender Budgeting and Volunteering through Civic Engagement: A Contribution to Democratic Governance and Gender Equality in Latin America’.