Foods for Better Skin


Some of the best treatments for your skin come directly from your refrigerator and not from a $100+ bottle promising to remove ten years from your face.

The most natural and healthy skin treatments require you to only do one thing: eat. Below are some of the best fruits and veggies you could consume to protect yourself from sun damage and to keep your skin in the best shape possible!

Lemons. This sour treat is a firm supporter of your liver, which is key to having a blemish-free complexion. Lemons help with digestion by increasing bile secretion from the liver and strengthening its enzymes.

Cabbage. This veggie has 11 percent more vitamin C than oranges and vitamin C is a known fighter for aging. It helps damaged tissues repair themselves while also minimizing deep lines.

Pears. Organic pears should definitely be added to your anti-aging regimen (organic pears allow you to eat the skin without the pesticides). As one of my favorite fruits ever I am more than happy to hear that pears contain all the major nutrients needed to promote a healthy skin glow: zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, and vitamins C, E, B, and K.

Watercress. As a spicy green treat, watercress cleanses and oxygenates tissues creating a skin glow. When your body has a higher oxygen supply, your blood flow is better and your skin looks brighter. Because of this veggie’s combination of A, C, and E vitamins, it also aids in reducing and treating both acne and eczema.

Protection from the sun:

Cantaloupe one of my favorite fruits ever! Because of the amount of vitamin C in cantaloupe, it can actually protect the skin against sunburn and can also reduce inflammation.

Pomegranates are also beneficial as they are the skin’s natural sun protectant.

Tomatoes are overflowing with the antioxidant lycopene and consuming cooked tomatoes may protect your skin from sunburn and helps with anti-aging.

Kiwi, blueberries, and sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins C and E, which not only protect the skin from sun damage but also help with wrinkle prevention and dry skin.